2010 Update, video shoot and more :)

Well, it’s been a long time since I last updated this blog (August 2009! :O), so I thought I should do a quick update on how my career is going etc.
I had planned to become a frequent blogger, and use this as my kind of central news hub or whatever you want to call it, but really I’m much more active on facebook nowadays 😛 Kinda funny since I used to hate it so much, but it’s a really useful tool for musicians to network with.
Anyway, recently I had a video shoot for Nottinghams Evening Post. They do a monthly feature called This is Live on their website and in their paper on local musicians, and I managed to get myself a spot on there!
I did a live acoustic version of my song Shadows (which will be on my new album ‘Perfectly Fine’, more on that in a bit), and then had a short interview for the video. I also had some pictures taken, and will have a printed interview for the paper.
I will update this post when the video is up on youtube and the This is Live site 😀 Apparently it will take around two weeks for it to be done 🙂
It was quite a weird experience to say the least, seeing as I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m not sure how the performance will turn out, as I didn’t feel totally comfortable, so I think I forced my voice a bit :S I think it went alright though, I’ll let you be the judge!
One thing that annoys the hell out of me is that my nerves always seem to manifest themselves with DMS (Dry Mouth Syndrome), and so when I was doing the interview I had a horrible dry mouth, which always makes me feel self conscious! I’m still proud of myself for doing it though, and hope you all enjoy it when it’s out, feel free to let me know what you think I did well/could have done better.
Also, I had a gig at The Bodega Social in Nottingham the other night, as part of their new Creative Notts sessions. It’s a free live acoustic show, as part of Oxjam. The first one took place outside in the beer garden, and had a great atmosphere, and some amazing acts, including the fantastic Boat to Row as headliners. You can find some youtube videos online of their performance. I may link to some on here too.
Unfortunately for the show I was involved in things had to be moved inside, due to potentially bad weather and other reasons. It still didn’t hamper the mood though, there was an awesome vibe going on and some great acts, in particular I was very impressed with Cecille Grey. Local Math/Prog/Metal/Hard to define rockers Ocean Bottom Nightmare pulled off a great acoustic set, which was a considerable feat considering their genre. Liam o Kane provided some Ska/Reggae infused acoustic tunes, all lead by his fantastic voice! The guy can really sing!
My set went pretty well I think, although my rather terrible acoustic was annoying me to no end! I have a great sounding Freshman acoustic, which was given to me by my mother. I don’t use it live though as it is pink and sparkly (haha)! I was thinking of buying a new acoustic live to replace the crappy one I’m currently using (some budget Stagg that I won back at college), but then I thought why not re-do the paint job on the Freshman?
So that is what I’m attempting to do! I have sanded down the first layer of the finish, and am going to re-spray it. I think maybe a dark glossy red or something. Any suggestions would be appreciated 😀
Anyway, I’ll probably post some pics of the guitar when it’s done, but for now, I’m out!
Thanks for reading (if you got this far :P)


About Marc Reeves

Folk-pop singer songwriter from Nottingham, UK. 'Sweet, soulful & sentimental songs - Reeves has a superb vocal quality and the lyrics to match' – Evening Post 'His lyrics, music and voice ooze a rare musical maturity that defies his age' – LeftLion magazine 'Listening to the tracks on the album it is staggering when you realise that the voice behind these lyrics is only just on the cusp of turning twenty years old' – Nottingham LIVE magazine
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