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New website shop + other news!

 Hey everyone – nearly time for Christmas! I for one am rather excited, I have bought lots of cool presents for people, which I can’t wait to give to them! Plus I’m also getting a new acoustic, a LOVELY Martin … Continue reading

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album is now out on iTunes!

Okay, so my album has been out on CD & Amazon MP3 since the 10th December, but today it was finally published on iTunes! I myself am a CD man (and I do recommend getting a CD, I think it’s … Continue reading

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What a night! The story of my album launch @ the Rescue Rooms’ Acoustic Rooms…

So I Had an AMAZING night at my launch party last night – the whole thing was a resounding success and a great start to the launch of my new album, ‘Perfectly Fine’. The turn out was great, and it … Continue reading

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Pics of my new album + promo material. Excited? absolutely! :)

The copies of my album arrived the other day (snow related delays with the post meant they came late), just in time for my album launch party, and the official release on the 10th December, worldwide! Here’s what it looks … Continue reading

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New studio gear purchases

Just thought I’d do a quick post about some new gear purchases I’ve made. I recently bought some new monitors for mixing – the Alesis Monitor One MKII’s, the passive model with the Alesis RA100 amp. These are great budget … Continue reading

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