What a night! The story of my album launch @ the Rescue Rooms’ Acoustic Rooms…

So I Had an AMAZING night at my launch party last night – the whole thing was a resounding success and a great start to the launch of my new album, ‘Perfectly Fine’.

The turn out was great, and it made me so happy to see all my friends, musician friends, and family all there supporting me and the other artists who played. I want to thank everyone who came so much, as you all made the night one to remember, and created a fantastic atmosphere – as did the support acts.

My friend Gerry Trimble opened the night with his Folk-punk (or anti-folk, if you like) music, pouring out his heart into his words and his energy into his playing, doing his own material, and even a nice rendition of Death Cab for Cuties ‘I will follow you into the dark’ (which is a personal favourite of mine.) He proved a great start to the night, and set the pace for the music to follow.

Gerry Trimble

Next up was Angelo Panzera, another good friend & awesomely talented musician. He writes beautiful singer-songwriter style material, that draws you in with his great vocal and use of chords/finger picky stuff. He does a wicked version of The Strokes’ Someday (which he totally makes his own), which he played during his set, as well one of my favourites of his, ‘The Traveller’.

Angelo Panzera

Jonathan Millett was after Angelo. This guy has been much talked about at the moment – and unsurprisingly so, with his brilliant Jeff Buckley meets Ray Lamontagne vibe, which was in full force tonight. Everybody kept asking me ‘who’s that guy?’, and then I proceeded to rave about his music to them 😛

Jonathan Millett

Lastly, before moi came onstage, The Golden Troubadours came on to wow everybody with their utterly serene, soul tinged vibe. They’re a four piece acoustic group, with a bassist, rhythm guitarist/lead vocalist, electric/slide guitarist, and acoustic guitarist. I saw these guys at a gig at the Maze I did not too long ago, and haven’t been able to get enough of them since. They are simply awesome!

The Golden Troubadours

  And so finally, I proceeded to do my thang! It being my album launch, and it being a lovely evening, I got totally lost in my performance and just went for it! It really felt like the best I’ve ever played, and the reception from the crowd was overwhelming, I was so humbled by it all! I even got two encored, which was awesome 🙂 I also managed to shift quite a few copies of my album, which was great, and I got loads of nice comments from everyone.

 I did a mixture of songs from my new album, plus some new material I’ve written, as well as a couple of covers, including my rendition of Katy Perry’s Hot ‘n’ Cold, Teenager in Love & On my Way by Ben Kweller.

Me! (Marc Reeves)

Many thanks to Danielle, Regan, Ellie & all the other people at the Rescue Rooms & Acoustic Rooms, for letting me do my album launch there, and putting their faith in me to put on a good show! I hope you all enjoyed the night 🙂

PS. I have two more gigs this week, one at The Greyhound in Beeston on Thurs 9th Dec & one on Friday 10th Dec at Ryans Bar, Derby. Both are gonna be awesome, so I advise you to come check them out, they are both FREE entry 🙂

You can find more details on those events either on my gig calendar (on this blog to the right) or on facebook @ www.facebook.com/marcreevesmusic


About Marc Reeves

Folk-pop singer songwriter from Nottingham, UK. 'Sweet, soulful & sentimental songs - Reeves has a superb vocal quality and the lyrics to match' – Evening Post 'His lyrics, music and voice ooze a rare musical maturity that defies his age' – LeftLion magazine 'Listening to the tracks on the album it is staggering when you realise that the voice behind these lyrics is only just on the cusp of turning twenty years old' – Nottingham LIVE magazine
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