2.0! level up!

So my website just got some rare candy and has now leveled up!

Yes people, I now have this fancy, automatically updated news feed right on the home page. Thanks to some user suggestions (those mainly being from Fee Tunes – cheers!) I’ve de-cluttered the home page quite a bit, leaving only the most relevant and up to date content. I realise I was trying to cram too much in before. Now you can just see what I’m up to and listen to my album – the rest of my content is left for you to explore elsewhere on the site, rather than having it shoved in your face the moment you type into your browser πŸ˜›

There are some minor tweaks elsewhere – including some subtler changes to the nav bar, which I think you’ll all appreciate πŸ™‚ I’ve also got tweet buttons around the site now, as well as the facebook ‘like’ buttons, so all you tweeters out there can tweet to your hearts content!

Obviously anytime any major renovations to the site take place there’s going to be some needed tweaking here and there, as I learn what/what doesn’t work – so expect thing to maybe change a bit over the coming weeks.

Any suggestions? Anything you want changed or like/don’t like? drop me a line at or head over to my Facebook page and post on the wall πŸ™‚


About Marc Reeves

Folk-pop singer songwriter from Nottingham, UK. 'Sweet, soulful & sentimental songs - Reeves has a superb vocal quality and the lyrics to match' – Evening Post 'His lyrics, music and voice ooze a rare musical maturity that defies his age' – LeftLion magazine 'Listening to the tracks on the album it is staggering when you realise that the voice behind these lyrics is only just on the cusp of turning twenty years old' – Nottingham LIVE magazine
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3 Responses to 2.0! level up!

  1. Fee says:

    Hey Marc,
    I think that it is far better in terms of the info you’re putting on the home page. And thanks a lot for the heads up (assuming everyone doesn’t start saying “What was wrong with the original design? Who does that Fee think he is?” Ha! ).

    Now I’ve got a style comment. The unevenness of the box outlines going down the page takes something away from the visual input. Take a look in comparison at this word press blog page of yours which looks a lot cleaner. I’m not setting myself up as a design expert, but that did strike me. Also I still think you’ve got too many tabs (you’re blog page is a repeat of your homepage, as an example of a possible cutback). BTW when I click the blog tab from the home page it takes me to the photo page. But when I clicked it from another page it does take me to your word press blog.

    What a pain this website building business is.

    As before, I’m being the pernickety barstool because I’m loving your music πŸ™‚


  2. marcreeves says:

    Hey David – I understand your point about the columns, and some time ago I did think of making the top banner wider (didn’t look right in the end), but the different sizes are intentional. The idea is the middle section is the largest, because that is the most important section – it supposed to put emphasis on certain elements and draw people’s attention to where I want it to be first. I see where you are coming from though.

    As far as tabs go, I guess it’s a personal preference, but based on the research I did before setting the website up, most artists don’t have more than 10, but anything around that mark is not unusual. Some only have three or four though, or anything in between. I think the main concern is keeping them labelled correctly, and in a logical order.

    The thing for me is I could group certain tabs together – I did think of grouping the videos & photos tabs together, to form a ‘media’ tab, but then that would mean people would be taken to a page where they could choose either photos or videos. So essentially I’d just be putting an extra click in people’s way of seeing what they want to see. So for me, it was a toss up between having more tabs and quicker access, or less tabs and more pages. With all the content I have on the site I decided more tabs worked better for me.

    Who knows, that may well change in the future, but for now I think I’m happy enough. Probably πŸ˜›

    Thanks for all your input πŸ™‚

  3. marcreeves says:

    Oh and thanks for the heads up about the blog tab thing – will get that sorted. I also need to get the mailing list subscription box working again, as that doesn’t seem to be functioning as it should either *sigh*

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