Help me become the Future Sound of Nottingham! VOTE FOR ME :)

So usually the first port of call for something like this would be to make an official announcement here – I’ve been so caught up in getting people to vote that it has kept slipping my mind!

For those of you who don’t know the drill yet, I am one of the 10 semi finalists for the Future Sound of Nottingham 2011 competition. The competition has been put together by the lovely people at Nusic, who both as Nusic and in their previous life as Notts Unsigned, have been championing the Nottingham music scene, giving local artists airplay in their regular podcasts, doing live video sessions, organising workshops, gigs and much more.

As a semi finalist for the competition, I get the great honour of playing on the big stage at Nottingham’s own Market Square this Sunday 26th, as part of a weekend-long event.

There is now also a public vote via this facebook app for people to choose the top 5 out of the 10 semi finalists. Those 5 will get to play the main stage at Nottingham’s Rock City (one of the UK’s major music venues), and a winner will be selected on the night by a panel of judges and audience votes, to go on to play the main stage at Nottingham’s Splendour Festival!

I have been doing really well so far in the votes, remaining in the top 5 for some time, but I am now 6th place.  People have been voting and sharing the link around, encouraging others to vote, and overall the response has been amazing – I can’t thank you enough! I am at 119 votes now, but with the band in top place at 272 votes, the competition is tough!

PLEASE, please, please, if you can, spare a moment and help me win this amazing opportunity. Head to for full instructions and a link to the Facebook voting app, or if you are already Facebook savvy then here is the direct link to the voting app!

Please ‘like’ this post, tweet it, run into the streets and shout out loud ‘VOTE FOR MARC REEVES’ etc 🙂

Oh, voting closes on the 29th June, and as thank to everyone who has supported me in this, I will be making my album FREE TO DOWNLOAD for a whole 24 hours! Result! 🙂

– Marc.


About Marc Reeves

Folk-pop singer songwriter from Nottingham, UK. 'Sweet, soulful & sentimental songs - Reeves has a superb vocal quality and the lyrics to match' – Evening Post 'His lyrics, music and voice ooze a rare musical maturity that defies his age' – LeftLion magazine 'Listening to the tracks on the album it is staggering when you realise that the voice behind these lyrics is only just on the cusp of turning twenty years old' – Nottingham LIVE magazine
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