Green Peaks eco festival and other adventures

So the last you’d heard from me I’d just finished shooting the music video for my new song ‘Home’ – which will be one of many songs on my upcoming album Remember Me. After that I played a succession of gigs in Nottingham over a period of three days, culminating in this years’ Waterfront festival. I think the busyness of that week ran me down a bit and left me open to catching a bug, which I inevitably did, so I woke up on the morning of the Waterfront festival feeling rather ill. Still, I managed to pull through it, and I got a great reception to my set. I stuck around for the rest of the day too and enjoyed some brilliant sets from Gallery 47, Long Dead Signal (possibly the highlight of the whole day for me), Harleighblu and Nina Smith (whose new EP is fantastic!)

There were many more, but I’ve spent enough time hyperlinking already 😛 All in all it was a great day – my only disappointments being the poor sound for acoustic acts on the outside stage (quiet acoustic music + open space where sound disperses easily + smallish PA + people talking lots does not a good combination make!) as well as the slightly scaled down nature compared to last year (last year it was across two adjacent venues with 5 stages, this year it was just the one venue with three stages, which while still great was a little underwhelming comparatively.) Nevertheless much fun was had, lots of money for charity was raised, and ridiculously yummy Cake Pops were consumed, so a HUGE pat on the back is in order for the organizers, I’m Not From London & Audacious Face.

This weekend just gone I hopped on a train (and also a coach) to Green Peaks Eco Festival 2011. I’d been booked to play the acoustic tent at 3pm on Saturday, but the shuttle bus to and from the festival was only going back on Sunday, so I brought along a tent and sleeping bag with me so I could camp there. Upon arrival I fought with my tent for an hour or so until it was up (teaches me to buy the cheapest tent I could find), checked out The Amber Herd’s set and then made my way down to the acoustic tent. It was a bit difficult playing there because the tent was so close to the main stage, so the noise from there kept drowning out the PA.  Nevertheless I had a good gig, not an amazing one, but it was fun 🙂

However it was after that I made my way down to the creative intentions tent/cafe where they were holding an open mic that things really kicked off for me. Seeing there was an open mic, and seeing that it was starting off a bit slowly, I thought ‘what the heck’ and asked to play some songs. I’m not usually one for open mics but in the festival atmosphere it seemed to work a lot better. In the end I was there all evening playing songs in between whoever else was performing, and even had people using my guitar to play which was cool. There was some fantastic talent getting up and performing that evening and it meant that I got to play to a great audience as the tent was packed by the end of the evening. I even sold two CD’s through playing (unusual for me for an open mic) and got free coffee from the people running the cafe 😛

That night I had a pretty rough sleep as my tent was small and uncomfortable, as was my sleeping bag. I had no pillow either as I could only carry so many bags with me (that’s where driving becomes a major plus) so I had made one out of my guitar case (it’s padded leather) and my jacket. It didn’t work very well! Still, the next day, whilst watching the first band on the main stage one of the festival organisers approached me and asked me if I wanted to play on the main stage. I of course said yes and ended up headlining that day, which was an amazing end to the festival. I got to play on a massive stage with great sound for an hour plus long set, to a lovely crowd who all sat and watched and listened attentively. I had loads of lovely comments afterward and met some great people, so what I initially thought would just be a nice day playing in an acoustic tent, turned out to be an amazing weekend, so I can’t thank the festival organisers and the guys at the Creative Intentions tent enough! All I can say is I can’t wait to play another festival now! 🙂

Aside from all that, in between the madness and traveling about (I forgot to mention I’ve been to York, Market Warsop and lots of other places lately, and Leeds, Manchester and Hertfordshire are on the horizon too) I’ve been working on the new album as and when I can. At the moment I’m working on a track called Foundations, which I’m writing a string arrangement for….which I really should get on with!

So with that said I bid you farewell for now, congratulations if you made it this far, your prize is to come see me play at The Greyhound tomorrow in Beeston if you’re around (it’s free entry and stuff.)

Catch you later,


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New song, new music video!

Hey everyone, just thought I’d share my new song and its accompanying music video with you. It’s called ‘Home‘ and is from my upcoming album, which will be called ‘Remember Me‘. The album is due out early 2012 but I’ve got a series of music videos coming out before then so you’ll get to hear some of the new material a while before the album hits the shelves 🙂

I’ll be working with different directors for each video so it should be pretty fun! For this video I worked with Fabrizio Federico of Ants Productions. The idea behind the video was that I was far away from home and missing a loved one, and so the video clips of me are meant to be like a video message I have sent to them. I hope you like it! 🙂

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It’s finally here! BBC Radio live session

Hi folks,

So here it is, my live session for Dean Jackson’s ‘The Beat’ show on BBC Radio Nottingham. I’ve received an overwhelming response so far, with over 2300 views in just over 3 days 🙂 (UPDATE: the video now has over ten thousand views! :D)

You can also listen to the radio broadcast on iPlayer if you missed it (it features an extended version of the interview) :

It’s also worth checking out the first part of the show here – there’s some great coverage of Summer Sundae festival, with a surprise performance from the amazing Martha Bean

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BBC Radio live session airing tomorrow (Sat 13th Aug)!

Hey everyone, you can catch my live session on BBC Radio Nottingham’s ‘The Beat‘ show, hosted by Dean Jackson, tomorrow evening! The show kicks off at 9pm and I’ll be on at some point throughout its duration. It would be great if you could tune in 🙂

I performed two songs live and acoustically, both new tracks off my upcoming album. The first is called ‘The Wrong One‘, and the second is called ‘Judgement Day‘, and in between the two is my interview with Dean Jackson.

The whole thing was filmed too and you’ll be able to watch it the same evening on their Youtube channel at

Also don’t forget I’m playing live in the Market Square in Nottingham the day after on Sunday – I’ll be on at 3pm and entry is free 🙂

All the best,


PS check out this new song of mine here:

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Glastonbudget 2012 audition & BBC Introducing!

So yesterday marked the third time one of my tracks was played on BBC Radio. It has all been thanks to the BBC Introducing uploader, which is something every independent musician should be using right now. Yesterday my track ‘Handshakes’ was played for the second time on Dean Jackson’s show The Beat – and you can catch the show again if you missed it, right here. I’m on at about 50 minutes in, but there’s some great stuff on the show, so I highly recommend listening to the whole show if you have an hour to spare 🙂

I’m excited to say also that I recently went to the BBC Radio Nottingham HQ to film a live session for The Beat – it will be aired on the show and the video will be online very soon! More news on that later!

So onto another hot topic, in several weeks time I’ll be auditioning once again to play the Glastonbudget festival! I had a amazing time at this years festival, so I’m excited to be auditioning at The Maze in Nottingham on August 23rd for my chance to play Glastonbudget 2012! I’ll need all the support I can get so it would be lovely to see you there if you can make it! You can find the Facebook event here.

I’ll leave you all for now with this little preview of a new track from my upcoming album – enjoy!

All the best,


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Cher Lloyd ‘Swagger Jagger’ cover & Future Sound of Notttingham update

Hey everyone,

So I spent a day the other day putting together a cover of Cher Lloyd’sSwagger Jagger‘, as well as an accompanying video. This was primarily a Youtube project, so I doubt I’ll ever be releasing it as a song on its own. I had a lot of fun with recording the song and making the video, as it was an opportunity to be a bit silly and make fun of myself a bit. I’m typically a bit of a miserable sod, who takes himself far too seriously, so it was cool to have the chance to be less serious! 🙂

You can watch/listen to the end result here:

Direct link:

As well as that, I’d just like to update those who have been following me in the semi-finals of the Future Sound of Nottingham competition. Unfortunately I didn’t get quite enough votes to make it through to the final, but the competition was extremely tough, and I can’t thank you all enough who showed your support by voting and sharing around the voting poll with your friends and family. I was really overwhelmed by how supportive people were!

As it stands, I got a great gig out of it playing to around 1000 people in the city of Nottingham, in the Market Square, and plenty of attention and new fans gained through the exposure being a semi finalist earned me. I couldn’t ask for more really!

You can watch my set at Market Square here:

I have lots of gigs coming up, so check here for the latest news on where I’m playing!

See you soon!

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My album ‘Perfectly Fine’ is now FREE to download for 24 hours! :)

Hey everyone!

So as promised, my album ‘Perfectly Fine’ is now FREE to download for 24 hours (as of 12:25am, 30th June 2011.) You can get it here:

This is my thank you to everyone who has voted for me in the the Future Sound of Nottingham 2011 competition. I have been overwhelmed with the support I’ve had from everyone, and I’m extremely grateful to you all 🙂 The competition has been tough, so I’ve no idea what the results will be! The top 5 finalists are being announced on Monday through the Nusic podcast, so check the Nusic site then to hear the results, or check back here and I’ll update you all myself once I’ve had a listen.

Whatever the outcome, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, and it was an absolute pleasure to play for you all on the big stage in the Market Square on the weekend. It’d be great to see some familiar faces at some of my upcoming shows, so check out the gigs page on my site to see where I’m playing next 🙂

Oh and lastly, if I do make it through, I’ll be releasing a new track for free for you to download! 🙂

Take it easy,

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